The mechanism set for monitoring the day to day activities being carried out by various designations in a

particular organization is generally called administration.our college administration is processed by the following described order

Office Administration:-

1. Administrative Officer :-

He is the head of the office and accountable for overall administration in office.

2. Office SuperIndent :-

Shall supervise the work in office and shall monitor for proper disposal of work.

3. Section in Office :-

a. Account :-

This section will look after the receipts and payments of the office and also collect the fees form the students.

b. Establishment :-

This section will attend staff service matters and other instutional matters.

c. Scholarships :-

This section will attend the process of scholarship of the students and other related works of students scholarship.

d. Admissions :-

This section will persue the admission and exist works of students such as study certificate,T.C etc.,

e. General stores :-

This section will look after the purchasers and disposal of materials required for the institution.

f. Examinations :-

This section will see the work of diploma and technical examinations conducted in the institution.